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FP Mailing Solutions – By Mailcoms

FP Mailing Solutions, commonly known as Francotyp Postalia, are one of the world’s leading franking machine manufacturers and suppliers. They are one of the leading supplier of mail room supplies in the UK, and they can supply an entire range of franking machines, folding inserting machines and more to your business.

About FP Mailing Solutions

FP Mailing Solutions have been operating in the UK since 1923, and they were formally known as Francotyp Postalia. They are currently operating in the UK, and their UK branch is headquartered in Dartford, Kent. FP Mailing Solutions manufacture their products in Germany, just outside of Berlin.

FP Mailing Solutions are currently located in over 84 different nations across the world, and they have always been at the front of innovation. They were the first company to introduce the digital franking machine, inkjet machine, electronic machine and multi-carrier machine to the world.

FP Mailing Solutions Franking Machine Range

FP Mailing Solutions

FP Mailing Solutions can offer a wide range of franking machines to UK businesses. They can supply many low, mid and high volume franking machines. Use the various links below to find out more about the current FP Mailing Solutions franking machine range and view the franking machine supplies that Mailcoms can offer for your franking machine.

Save Money With Us!

Although FP Mailing Solutions can offer an incredible range of franking machines, here at Mailcoms we can also offer you our range of franking machines. We can help save you money when buying or renting a franking machine from us. You can receive a Franking Machine Quote or view our range here.

As well as offering you low cost franking machines, we can also offer you our massive range of franking machine supplies. We can offer you low cost original or compatible franking machine supplies for a wide range of Frama, Pitney Bowes, FP Mailing Solutions and Neopost franking machines. View our incredible franking machine supplies range here.

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