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Franking Machine News

Find out about the latest franking machine news, reviews, prices and information on the franking machine industry, including franking machine features, breakthroughs, reviews and more.

Preparing Your Franked Mail – Are You Doing It Correctly?

When using a Mailcoms franking machine to send your business…


Measure Your Mail & Avoid Franking Machine Surcharges

Franking machine technology has changed the way UK businesses handle…


Advantages Of Using A Franking Machine Compared To Stamps

In today’s modern era, using technology to send emails and…


The 6 Benefits Of Mailmark Franking

Mailmark franking has been available in the UK for just…


Making The Most Of Royal Mail’s Services & Products

It is important for any business to know their stuff…


Sending 1st Class Mail or 2nd Class Mail – What Is The Real Difference?

Many businesses in the UK are still unsure whether it…


The Evolution Of Franked Mail

If your business uses a franking machine or any other…


Reasons To Become Mailmark Compliant

The Royal Mail introduced their Mailmark technology in 2014, and…


Mailroom Equipment & Supplies All Businesses Require

Mailcoms are a UK leading provider of Mailmark and Smart…


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