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Franking Machine News

Find out about the latest franking machine news, reviews, prices and information on the franking machine industry, including franking machine features, breakthroughs, reviews and more.

Which Franking Mistakes Lead To Surcharges?

It is a common fact that a franking machine offers…

Mailcoms Mailbase Pro Franking Machine

A Simple Guide To Using A Franking Machine

One thing that will run through your mind when you…


Mailcoms Ink Cartridge Refill & Reset Service

At Mailcoms, we offer a very unique refill and reset…


8 Benefits Of Mailmark Franking

The Royal Mail introduced Mailmark during 2014 as an alternative…


Common Franking Questions

Over our many years of being in business, Mailcoms have…


What Are The Mailmark Prices 2019

If you are using a Mailmark compliant franking machine then…


Royal Mail Postage Rates 2019 Effective From Today!

Starting from today, Monday 25th March 2019, all standard and…


The Rules & Regulations You Need To Know When Sending Franked Mail

Franking your mail and sending it is important. It can…


Royal Mail International Economy Prices 2019

View the Royal Mail International Economy prices 2019. This is…


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