Comms Device Setup Instructions

Affected Machines

Mailcoms Machines Affected: Mailstart+, Mailsend Lite, Parcelsend Lite, Mailbase Lite, Mailbase, Mailbase Pro, Mailbase+ & Mailbase Speed.
Pitney Bowes Machines Affected: DM60, DM100i, DM110i, DM160i, DM220i, DM300M & DM400M.

What's in the Box

SmartLink Device

Comms Link

SmartLink Internet Cable

Internet cable (wired option only)

SmartLink USB Cable

USB cable

SmartLink Power Adapter

Power adapter

SmartLink Fastener Strips

Fastener strips

SmartLink Instructions


SmartLink Box

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Wired Connection

Installation takes about 10 minutes.

Requires an available internet socket and power outlet.

SmartLink Device Instructions Part 1

Step 1

Connect the Comms Link Device to either a wall internet socket or router with the included internet cable.

– Note that lights on the device will remain off.

– Scroll down to Step 2.

SmartLink Device Instructions Part 2

Step 2

Plug the power adapter into the Comms Link Device and into a power outlet.

– The Comms Link Device’s lights will change in colour.

– Once the device is connected to the Internet, the Network Connectivity light will blink green.

– In addition, the Comms Link Device’s Ethernet port light will show green for successful connection status and yellow for network activity.

– Scroll down to Step 3.

SmartLink Device Instructions Part 3

Step 3

Connect the Comms Link Device to your franking machine.

– Plug in the USB cable to the back of the meter and the Comms Link Device.

– The Comms Link’s lights will again change in colour.

– Once a network connection has been established, the Comms Link Device’s USB connectivity LED will turn green and the network connectivity LED will blink green.

– Scroll down to Step 4.

SmartLink Device Instructions Part 4

Step 4

Optional: Attach the Comms Link Device to the meter with the included Adhesive Fastener Strips.

Congratulations! Your meter is now connected.