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Brown E-Commerce Postal Box - 110x100x70mm
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E-commerce Postal Boxes

Brown e-commerce postal boxes are cardboard boxes that have been specifically created to assist online retailers whom are looking to package their goods securely, quickly and efficiently. All of our e-commerce cardboard boxes come integrated with an easy to use peel-&-seal adhesive strip and open tear strip. Any e-commerce business has to be able to package items quickly and efficiently so that customers wanting their items next day get what they pay for. An e-commerce box helps businesses achieve this goal whilst offering fantastic presentation to yours customers.

An e-commerce box is a packaging box solution that is tailored to help online retailers package their items in a faster, quicker and more efficient manor. Getting items out the door quickly can prove tasking, so a packaging solution to help save time is just what many online businesses need. This is where an e-commerce box can become of use.

Yes, our high quality e-commerce cardboard boxes are all 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our cardboard is sustainably sourced from renewable resources, the crash lock base design of the box allows the e-commerce postal box to be easily compressed & recycled and the material can even be reused around 25 times without compromising the quality.

At Mailcoms we have a wide range of e-commerce mailing boxes of different sizes that are each designed to package a variety of different items and goods. The unique design of the boxes allows for a more aesthetically pleasing cardboard box and this makes these boxes a popular choice for many gift packaging companies. Whether you are sending small items such as candles or whether you are sending larger items such as homeware, there will be an e-commerce box solution for you.

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