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Mailing Bags & Mailing Sacks To Meet All Requirements

Mailing bags, also known as mailing sacks or postal mailing bags, are an easy to use packaging solution that is reliable, secure & lightweight in design. There are a lot of different postal mailing bags on offer to help suit all types of business needs. All of the mailing sacks available on our store are 100% opaque, made from recyclable materials and waterproof (with some even being weather resistant). On occasions when your items need that little bit more added protection, we can even supply heavy duty mailing bags to support you.

We can offer standard grey polythene mailing bags which are manufactured from 95% recycled materials, making them an economical and earth-friendly choice.

We can offer weather mailing bags which are manufactured from shock resistant bubble wrap and 100% recycled materials, making them extremely durable and suited for all weather conditions.

We can offer white polythene mailing bags which are manufactured from 40 micron recyclable virgin material, making them an ideal solution for shipping a variety of goods.

We can offer heavy duty mailing bags which are manufactured from 90 micron polythene which is double the thickness as standard mailing sacks. These are waterproof & tear resistant and perfect for sending heavy duty items.

We can offer paper mailing bags which are manufactured from 100% recycled materials & natural wet strength brown paper, making them the perfect environmentally friendly choice.

Mailing bags are also referred to as courier bags & mailing sacks, are a more cost-effective packaging alternative to using cardboard boxes. Designed for protecting packaged items during transit, mailing bags are much lighter, waterproof, and usually 100% opaque. Available in different colours & options, all our postal mailing sacks are made from high quality materials, are recyclable and they adhere to Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines for more accurate postage cost calculations.

Yes, all of our mailing bags are waterproof and water resistant. This means they will keep all their contents safe and secure from any damp conditions or wet weather.

Mailing bags can be used to despatch and protect a range of products including, but not limited to, clothing, office supplies, books & jewellery.

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