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Air Cushion Packaging For Electronics
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Secure Packaging Protection For Laptops, Smart Phones & Tablets

Keeping high value and/or highly important electronics such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones & laptops safe in the post is a major concern for businesses. Our air cushion protective packaging will ensure that all parcels containing important electronics are kept safe and secure when in transit. Specifically designed to ensure maximum protection for electronics, our inflatable packaging pouches can also be used with a wide range of items that fit within the dimensions specified.

All of our electronic inflatable air cushion pouches are easy to inflate with our fantastic air packaging inflation pumps, come flat-packed and are 100% recyclable upon deflating.

Air cushion packaging for electronics, also known as air packaging or just air cushions or pouches, are a form of packaging which adds a pillow or multiple pillows around pharmaceutical items. These pillows need to be inflated, and once inflated they will offer shock absorption protection. Once inflated, the packaging will mould perfectly around electronics and offer strong protection during transit. This will help reduce the risk of damage massively.
  • Quick & easy to inflate.
  • Lightweight design will reduce the overall weight of your parcel or packet.
  • Shock absorption means any sudden movements or contact will protect the electronics inside.
  • A tough & rigid design makes our air cushions puncture resistant.
  • 100% recyclable.

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