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Flexi-Hex Bottle Protection Sleeves

Our Flexi-Hex bottle sleeves are designed specifically for one purpose – to protect glass bottles and other similar shaped fragile items during transit. When used, the Flexi-Hex sleeve will mould & fit itself perfectly around the item it is protecting offering fantastic and secure protection. Flexi-Hex bottle packaging is an alternative eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging solution to plastic. Our Flexi-Hex sleeves are perfect for a range of items, not just bottles.

Flexi-Hex bottle packaging is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable bottle packaging alternative to using plastic solutions such as polystyrene. It is a more cost-effective solution and is perfect for protecting a range of delicate items. Flexi-Hex has a unique honeycomb design which makes the packaging extremely strong and robust.

Flexi-Hex is suitable for protecting a wide range of items, but in particular glass bottles such as wines, spirits and champagne. However, Flexi-Hex can be used to protect other fragile items such as ceramics, homeware, cosmetics and more. It is more aesthetically pleasing than other bottle packaging items, making it more suited for presentable packing.

Our Flexi-Hex sleeves can be purchased on their own, with the Flexi-Hex pinch top box or as a all-in-one packaging kit solution which includes a specific tailor-made postal box that is a perfect fit for a single bottle. Simply fill in any voids with some suitable void fill packaging solutions.

Yes. All of the Flexi-Hex products listed on our website are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, therefore enabling you to demonstrate your environmental responsibilities to your customers and maintain green credentials.

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