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Double Walled Postal Boxes

Brown double walled cardboard boxes are designed to offer superior strength and increased reliability. Often used as storage boxes or cross-country shipping, all of our double wall boxes are built to deal with any storage operation and will be suitable for you. All of these boxes are manufactured from 60% to 90% recyclable materials & they are made from double wall cardboard – 2 layers of corrugated board. The corrugated cardboard are securely glued together for reinforced strength. This advanced design will provide increased resistance to compression forces during shipping, ensuring that your items will be safe and secure when in transit.

A double wall cardboard box is a packaging solution that is manufactured from double wall cardboard instead of single wall cardboard. This means that there are 2 layers of corrugated cardboard instead of 1, increasing the strength and resistance of the box.

Double walled cardboard boxes are a popular mailing box type that is often used for shipping goods via a carrier or postal network. Double walled cardboard boxes are perfectly suited to protect much heavier items & objects and when stacking may be required. Double walled packing boxes are also perfect for any large-scale transport, storage or shipping operation where protection of items is key. You may need them for short or long term storage boxes, for apartment packing or for cross-country shipping operations.

We can supply both single wall and double wall cardboard boxes – but what is the difference exactly? A single wall cardboard box is the most common type of cardboard box. They consist of one fluted medium piece of cardboard between two sheets of linerboard.

A double wall cardboard box however is thicker and therefore stronger meaning they can hold larger items more securely. They consist of two fluted medium pieces of cardboard sandwiched between three sheets of linerboard.

The answer to this is both! We know that sounds confusing so bear with us. Both types of cardboard box are manufactured from high quality cardboard and perform the job they are intended for. However, the type of box you require will vary package to package based on the content you are sending. If your items are heavier than normal items (such as dumbbells), then a double wall cardboard box is what you need. But if your items are quite light (such as trainers), save the money and get a single wall cardboard box that will do the job just as well. Our best advice is do research into your items and base the decision on this information. Or for further help and assistance please do not hesitate to contact Mailcoms where we will be happy to assist.

The thickness of a double walled cardboard box will vary depending on the manufacturer, but they are usually between 4.6mm & 5mm. All of our double wall cardboard boxes are either 4.6mm or 5mm, so you can be rest assured these items will do the job for you.

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