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Mailcoms Terms & Conditions Of Service And Supply Of Franking Machines When experiencing problems with your franking machine please take time to read the support pages available. By pointing you to this site we aim to get you up and running as soon as possible and by following our simple instructions carefully most problems can be easily resolved. Please also remember after years of supplying ink cartridges and servicing most brands of franking machine we are very experienced in all problems customers experience. If you have print problems with the franking machine ink cartridge then please remember problems are very often not with the cartridge but with the machine or the operation / insertion of the cartridge and again can be easily resolved.. Over many years of assisting customers we often receive supposedly ‘faulty’ ink cartridges but find them only to be working perfectly when we receive them back. As some ‘ink jet franking machines are nearing nearly 10 years old many can have a build up of waste ink and if not serviced or cleaned regularly this can block up the new ink cartridges so no amount of cleaning or replacing the cartridge would resolve the issues until the machine has been serviced properly. If you need help with this please call us on 01543 572 776, as Royal Mail Approved Independent Maintainers we can give you a quotation to service your machine without the expensive manufacturer bill.

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You can now get FREE PROOF OF DELIVERY with every Royal Mail 1st Class & 2nd Class parcel and packets sent with Mailcoms’ latest franking machine range.

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