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Mailbase Speed Franking Machine

Mid to High Volume
(Up to 500 items a day)

Mailbase Speed Franking Machine
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Ranked No.1 in the UK

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Franking Machine Supplies

‘Mailmark’ ready for maximum postage discounts.

Suitable for medium postal volumes, Mailbase Speed franking machine includes an automatic envelope feeder, automatic label dispenser, online franking cost statistics and easily changed advertising messages.

Its automatic feeder/sealer makes franking even faster and easier to complete – up to 95 letters can be ready to dispatch within one minute – stamped, carrying all the necessary postal information, even automatically sealed if you wish.

The Mailbase Speed includes a built in 5kg scale weigh platform (upgradeable to 35kg) with pre-programmed UK and worldwide postal rates so you can ensure exact postage for your letters or parcels every time. The Mailbase Speed has a handy, built-in automatic label dispenser for ease of processing parcels. Connectivity for top-ups and updates is performed instantly either via LAN with a wireless option or PC.

Track your postage usage online with the 100 cost centres/departments (upgradeable to 300) accounts which can be accessed either via the machine or online. This fully loaded digital franking machine is uniquely positioned to help you reach and manage a diverse customer base. The Mailbase Speed’s higher mailing capacity assures the very best mail handling performance for the most demanding business – yours.

Watch the quick Mailbase Speed introduction and overview

Watch our quick video introducing you to the Mailbase Speed franking machine and showing you just how simple it is to use.

  • 95LPM

    Letter impressions per minute

  • 9.5mm

    Maximum envelope thickness

  • 5Kg

    Capacity of integrated weight platform

  • 35Kg

    Upgrade of integrated weight platform

Specifications & Options

  • Mailmark Ready for Maximum Postage Discounts
  • Fully Automatic Envelope Feeding at 95 Letters per minute
  • Automatic Label Dispenser for Parcels & Larger Items
  • 5 Kg Postal Scale (option to Increase to 35Kg)
  • All UK and Worldwide Postal Rates
  • 9.5mm envelope thickness clearance
  • LAN / Network, Modem or PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • Smart Meter Technology to be Fully Compliant with Royal Mail VAT Applied Services
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) Connection Option
  • 300 Cost Centre Accounts with PIN Number Security
  • Full ‘QWERTY’ Keyboard for Envelope Text Messages
  • Royal Mails’ ‘Business Mail Advanced’ Option
  • FREE Royal Mail License
  • FREE 5 Year Guarantee
  • FREE Full Ink Cartridge Delivered with the Machine
  • FREE Starter Pack of Labels & Franked Mail Late Posting Envelopes
  • FREE Online Usage Reporting
  • FREE Delivery & Installation Support
  • FREE UK Call Centre Support
  • FREE Side Ejection Catch Tray
Mailbase Speed Franking Machine 1
Mailbase Speed Franking Machine 2
Mailbase Speed Franking Machine 3
Mailbase Speed Franking Machine 4
Mailbase Speed Franking Machine 5

The Mailbase Speed comes with many franking machine benefits and features that your business will gain when using the machine.

View some of the incredible features below.

  • Integrated Scale Icon

    Integrated Scale

    Built in 5kg Postal Scale platform for instant accurate calculation of your postage using the simple 'Rate Wizard' and make sure you never over or underpay again.

  • PIN Security Icon

    PIN Security

    Protect your franking machine via the use of PIN code security.

  • Departmental Accounts Icon

    Departmental Accounts

    300 departmental accounts with full machine and online tracking of all your postage costs and usage reports.

  • VAT Report Icon

    VAT Report

    Automatically records and reports any VAT paid via VAT applicable services.

  • Network Icon


    PC or LAN / Ethernet connected for instant re-crediting and automatic software updates and postage price changes.

  • Advertisements Icon


    Up to 5 Company logos and/or return addresses on your franked envelopes.

  • Mailmark Icon


    This machine is Mailmark compliant for maximum postal savings.

  • Smart Meter Icon

    Smart Meter

    This machine is Smart Meter compliant.

Why choose Mailcoms Ltd as your franking machine supplier?

Here at Mailcoms, we are very proud to announce that we are Royal Mail Authorised as an independent inspector and maintainer of franking machines in the UK. We are one of only a handful of companies in the UK to have this award, and we are proud of it.

This is not our only award, as Mailcoms are also Royal Mail Authorised to manufacture and sell our very own and unique franking ink. Mailcoms are also the UK's "Most Loved" franking machine suppliers, as voted for by the public on the "thebestof" website for the last three years.

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