Self-Adhesive Paper Kraft Tapes

Self-Adhesive Paper Kraft Tapes
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Solvent Paper Kraft Packing Parcel Tapes

Our brand new range of self-adhesive paper tapes are our reinforced paper-based packaging tape solution. Compatible with all of our tape dispensers, these paper Kraft parcel tapes come with a range of features and benefits. When applied to a postal box or mailing bag the tape forms a very strong, long lasting, highly adhesive bond which is more resistant to moisture and humidity. The tape will stick to itself, making it ideal for a range of applications, and is a very favourable packing solution who wants to be more environmentally friendly as the tape is 100% recyclable.

Paper Kraft 'Fragile' Tape

An environmental alternative to our standard polypropylene and PVC warning printed tapes is our paper Kraft printed ‘FRAGILE’ warning tape. It can offer the exact same high quality & benefits as our polypropylene range, however as it uses paper kraft it is a more economical solution. Suited to a wide range of uses this tape is ideal for a host of applications and will ensure that the handler is aware of any packages that need to be handled with caution.

One of the key differences between acrylic packaging tape and solvent-based paper Kraft packaging tape is that solvent sticks to itself. This makes it more ideal to many businesses as it is more applicable to a range of applications and uses. It performs better at extreme temperatures and is a great environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tape.

Our Kraft packing parcel tape offers a much longer lasting adhesion and requires minimal pressure when applied to packages. Easily torn by hand, our Kraft paper solvent tape is widely used in the craft and framing industry as picture framers apply it to the back of frames as part of the border/framing process – this is where the tape sticking to itself comes in handy. This tape however can be used as everyday packing tape if required.

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