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What are Business Envelopes?

Business envelopes are envelopes which businesses use when sending items, such as printed documents in the mail. Some DL, C5 & C4 business envelopes for example are often used for mailing campaigns, to send information or for official important business purposes.

However there are other types of business envelopes which can be used to send mail such as cardboard envelopes & padded (bubble lined) envelopes which are perfect for sending more delicate items.

Business Envelopes
Business Envelopes

What type of envelope should you use in business?

The type of envelope your business uses will depend entirely on the item (or items) being sent. The most widely used type of envelope are regular DL, C5 or C4 plain envelopes which are used for general correspondence, invoices & statements. These are often available with or without a window.

However this is not the only type of envelope you can use. If you send DVDs, jewellery, certificates or anything similar, more sturdy envelopes such as cardboard envelopes, pillow envelopes and bubble envelopes will be more suitable, efficient and cost friendly.

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Gummed Envelopes

Gummed Folding Inserting Machine Envelopes

Our gummed folding inserting machine envelopes are designed to work with various pieces of mailing equipment whilst delivering consistent & reliable performance. These are regular business envelopes that almost every business will have used at some point.

Ideal for sending important documents such as letters, invoices and statements. These envelopes require water to seal them which both a franking machine & folding inserting machine can provide for you.

These high quality gummed envelopes are available in DL & C5 sizes and Windowed or Non Windowed options. The DL sized envelopes come in a box of 1000 and the C5 sized come in a box of 500.

Self Seal Envelopes

Our self seal envelopes are the opposite to gummed envelopes and instead are envelopes that closes and sticks without the need of water. These are regular business envelopes that a lot of business use.

Ideal for sending important documents such as letters, invoices and statements. They require a manual self seal.

These high quality self seal envelopes are available in DL, C5, & C4 sizes and Windowed or Non Windowed options. The DL sized envelopes come in a box of 1000, the C5 sized come in a box of 500 and the C5 sized come in a box of 250.

Self Seal Envelopes

Packaging supplies for your business

Packaging Supplies

Boxes, bags, envelopes and more

Pillow Envelopes

Pillow Envelopes

Our cardboard pillow envelopes, also referred to as a pillow box or pillow gift envelope, are some of our more unique style of envelope. These are designed for a more professional and luxury feel.

Ideal for sending small and/or light items such as small gifts, chocolates, sweets or other promotional style items. They are very easy and quick to assemble.

These high quality pillow envelopes are currently available in DL, C6 & C5 sizes and in brown colour.

Cardboard Envelopes

Our cardboard envelopes & mailers, also known as capacity book mailers, are designed to offer more protection to the items they are carrying. They are designed to comply with the Royal Mail PiP sizes and offer consistent & reliable protection.

Ideal for sending heavier items such as books, magazines, DVDs & thick brochures. Cardboard envelopes come with an easy to use peel & seal stripe and they are scored for increased capacity. Our premium cardboard envelopes are even puncture resistant.

These high quality cardboard envelopes are available as standard solid board cardboard envelopes or premium corrugated cardboard envelopes and available in multiple size options.

Cardboard Envelopes
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Padded Envelopes

Bubble Lined Padded Envelopes

Our padded envelopes, also known as bubble envelopes, bubble lined envelopes or jiffy bags, are designed to offer internal cushioning and protection to items they are carrying. All padded envelopes comply with the Royal Mail PiP sizes and offer consistent & reliable protection.

Ideal for sending a range of different items, as long as the item fits they will be protected by the envelope. All of our padded envelopes come with a peel and seal adhesive strip for secure closure and internal bubble lined protection.

These high quality padded envelopes are available in White & Gold colour options and in a wide range of different sizes. We can currently supply a range of different padded envelopes including Arofol, AirPro & unbranded options.

Franking Logo Postage Envelopes

Are you missing or having problems printing your franking logo, return address, or any other messaging onto your envelopes following recent Royal Mail franking machine updates?

Our custom printed franking logo envelopes offer the perfect solution, allowing your logo to be printed in full colour rather than just franking blue along with your franking impression .

Custom Printed Envelopes​