Franking Machine Supplies Returns

Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your franking machine cartridge. We can assure you that all franking machine supplies have been tested in the equipment they are intended for prior to dispatch. Before returning you need to be aware that many problems are found not with the cartridge but can often be caused by the machine or operator error. Many problems can be caused by ink cartridges drying out in warm offices following a period of no usage or by taking the cartridge out and cleaning some of the contacts either on the cartridge or in the machine itself. Most print problems can be very easily rectified by following our simple tips available on our support page of our website, CLICK HERE for more assistance.

We have had many instances of supposed faulty cartridges that turn out to be in perfect working order or that have either 'timed out' or have used their defined number of impressions as set by the equipment manufacturer. When we receive a returned franking machine cartridge back we read the microchips on the cartridge which records its serial number, the date it was first inserted in the machine and how many prints its done. We've recently had a spate of customers reporting faulty cartridges but when we receive them we have found the cartridge to be empty!

If you still need to return your cartridge if you feel it has a genuine problem we will be more than happy to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. To arrange for a replacement to be dispatched immediately please read the disclaimer below to download our returns form to send back with the cartridge. PLEASE NOTE WE WILL ONLY DISPATCH A REPLACEMENT CARTRIDGE UPON RECEIPT OF THIS FULLY COMPLETED FORM EITHER BY FAX OR EMAIL.

Returns Disclaimer:

By downloading and completing this returns form, you will acknowledge that you will return your ink cartridge for testing to us. If you require an immediate replacement we will dispatch one immediately upon receipt of this FULLY COMPLETED & SIGNED returns form along with an invoice at its full replacement value. If the cartridge is found to be faulty we will partially credit either the replacement cartridge invoice or the original invoice (if no replacement was dispatched) based on how much unused ink remained in the faulty cartridge as per our sale terms and conditions. However, if the ink cartridge is found NOT to be faulty, then the invoice will not be credited and full settlement will be due. We will also return your cartridge with a dated test print and you will be charged £4.95 + vat re-packing and postage fee (unless it is empty or supplied more than 6 months prior to receipt then we will dispose of it for you).

You accept that if we do not receive the cartridge within 2 weeks then the invoice for replacement will apply. Mailcoms also accept no liability for franking Machine Supplies / cartridges that do not arrive at our given address on the returns form which may have been lost in the post. We advise that you use Recorded or Special delivery services.

Acceptance of disclaimer:

I Agree With The Above Disclaimer