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Bubble Wrap Rolls For Added Protection

If you are looking for added interior protection for your products then general purpose bubble wrap, manufactured from small bubbles, is the item you need. One of the most popular types of bubble wrap on the market is Jiffy small bubble wrap rolls. This can be used to easily wrap your items for added protection or alternatively it can be used to act as void fill for a little bit of extra cushioning. Either way, using bubble wrap will ensure your products are forced to remain immobile during the entire shipping process, helping to all but eliminate breakages in transit.

Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material that is commonly used for packing items for the post. Bubble wrap is a form of protective packaging, described as ‘in-the-box protection’ since it is usually wrapped around an item.

Bubble wrap is usually used to wrap around fragile items when packing, however this is not a restriction. Almost anything can be bubbled wrapped if you see the need for it or wish to protect an item in the post. As well as using bubble wrap to wrap around items, bubble wrap can also be used as a good void fill solution. This will add a lot of cushioning to items when in transit. Bubble wrap will all but eliminate the risk of items breaking in the post.

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