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Royal Mail Mailmark Franking made easy with Mailcoms

Mailmark is the latest generation of the franking impression. It replaces the traditional "town and crown" die with a brand new, and more professional, 2D barcode. This impression contains machine readable data about the user and mail items.

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What Is Mailmark?

Mailmark is the latest franking machine technology available to businesses using a franking machine. It offers range of extra features and benefits that non-Mailmark franking machines simply do not possess. With improved reporting, better tariffs and franking a new 2D barcode impression, Mailmark is the future of franking. The technology is not available in all franking machines and, as of yet, it is not mandatory to use so there is no immediate rush to become Mailmark compliant. But as you will see from the below, Mailmark can be very advantageous for any user.

What Are The Potential Mailmark Benefits?

Some of the benefits of Mailmark franking for UK businesses include:

- Lower franking rates are available. View the brand new Mailmark™ postage rates for 2019 here or download our new 2019 postage rates wall chart here and see how much you could be saving.

- Simpler and quicker access to a range of Royal Mail products and services.

- Increased franking intelligence gives you access to newer and better Royal Mail products and services.

- A more professional image will add to the image your business portrays.

- Automatic postage updates, directly from Royal Mail. Always pay the correct postage price.

- Always chose the correct and most accurate product or service every time you frank.

- No more Royal Mail surcharges.

Who Benefits From Mailmark?

- Pretty much any business can benefit from Mailmark as each mail item can make you a saving.

- Any business using low sort, unsorted or meter options for letters and large letters.

- Any business using Business Mail Advanced and Response Services.

So What Do I Do?

The traditional method of franking the "town and crown" die is still in place, meaning there is no immediate need to upgrade or replace your franking machine as a result of Mailmark. However the Royal Mail are pushing more and more businesses to become Mailmark compliant so that both Royal Mail and businesses can benefit from all of the above and more. As well as this, Mailmark will always be the best value for money postage tariff in the franking world. Other factors to consider when making this decision include the productivity, convenience and cost benefits of a brand new, Mailmark enabled machine. So when considering whether to upgrade to Mailmark think of these factors.

Download our Mailmark PDF or view our very useful Mailmark inforgraphic to find out more about Mailmark franking.

Mailmark Prices?

Take a look at the table below to see the latest Mailmark 2018 / 2019 postage rates. Or download our new 2019 postage rates wall chart here and see how much you could be saving with Mailmark franking.

First Class Postage Rates
Large Letter0-100g£1.0695p
Small Parcel0-1kg£3.55£3.48
Medium Parcel0-1kg£5.80£5.35
Second Class Postage Rates
Large Letter0-100g83p72p
Small Parcel0-1kg£3.00£2.90
Medium Parcel0-1kg£5.10£4.81
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