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Late Meter Posting Envelopes

What are late meter posting envelopes?

Late Meter Posting Envelopes, also referred to as Low Volume Posting Envelopes, allow customers to send franked mail if they are unable to have their post collected by the Royal Mail, for customers who do not have easy access to a post office and a franked mail box.

Mailcoms can supply you with Royal Mail approved Meter Posting Envelopes in multiple pack sizes which covers a wide range of franking machines.

Mailing instructions for using meter posting envelopes

In order for franked mail to be sent via a Royal Mail post box on the same day, you must ensure that the franked items are securely placed inside a Meter Posting Envelope.

Below you will see an example of what a typical Meter Posting Envelope will look like from Mailcoms.

Each meter posting envelope must include 4 distinct features in order for them to be compatible with and accepted by the Royal Mail. These can be clearly identified in pink.

Late Meter Posting Envelopes Instructions

The words 'OPEN IMMEDIATELY' should be clearly showing in the top right hand corner of the envelope.

The words 'METER POSTINGS' should be clearly showing in the centre between two black lines that are clearly visible.

Next to the 'FRANKING DIE No.:' you must clearly state your specific franking machine die number. This can be found on a franked impression that your franking machine produces, please refer to the diagram above as to where this will be located and what this may look like.

Next to the 'NUMBER OF ITEMS ENCLOSED:' you must clearly state the quantity of mail inside the envelope.

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What are the benefits of using meter posting envelopes?

Each C4 envelope can hold up to 30 items (max 1 envelope per day).

Perfect for low volume users who do not have a Royal Mail collection service.

Our envelopes are made from high quality, strong, 115gsm manila paper.

They meet the requirements set by Royal Mail. Fully compatible with all machines.