How Do Franking Machines Work?

Wondering how franking machines work? Our simple and very useful infographic shows you exactly how simple and easy it is to use. See how to weigh your letters/parcels and how to pop them into your post box.

Franking machines have been around for a long time – over 90 years in fact! They have been helping businesses of all sizes benefit further when sending their mail in the post, making the entire process quicker and more efficient for all. However not every business in the UK uses a franking machine. If you are new or fairly new to this new way of sending your mail or you simply have no clue how a franking machine works, our infographic is just for you.

Do you know how a franking machine works? Our simple Infographic below will provide you with a simple how to guide on using franking machines to your advantage (our entry level Mailstart+ franking machine) . From weighing your mail to popping it into the post box, our guide has it all.

How Does A Franking Machine Work Infographic