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Handling Hazard Warning Labels
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Handling & Shipping Instructions To Couriers

Handling labels and hazard warning labels are the self-adhesive labels you need if you are sending fragile items out in the post. When sending items such as glass, ornaments, ceramics, electronics or anything else fragile or of high value in the post, you need your items handled with the up most importance and care. By using these labels you can help give couriers and delivery drivers clear notice that items need to be handled properly, with care and with caution to help reduce the risk of damage to items.

Hazard warning Labels & handling labels are used to help communicate possible hazards or warning messages associated with contents within a packaged item. By adding clear signals and markings you can ensure your shipment is handled correctly so that potential spills, accidents and breakages are all but prevented. As such, they must be applied appropriately, reflect correct information, and comply with any postal regulations.

Currently Mailcoms can supply you with “Fragile” & “Glass With Care” which are the two most commonly used handling labels. However there is a wide range of other handling & hazard warning labels on the market including:
  • This way up (with directional arrows)
  • Fragile
  • Caution heavy
  • Do not bend (white text on red background)
  • Handle with care
  • Glass with care
  • Open with care
  • Documents enclosed

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