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FP Mailing Postbase Qi9 Mailmark Compatible Franking Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

FP Mailing Postbase Qi9

FP Mailing Postbase Qi9 Mailmark Franking Machine

Mid Volume Franking Machine (Speed of up to 85 Franks per minute)

The new, FP Mailing Postbase Qi9 franking machine is a brand new machine that is made to be compliant with the new Mailmark service. This machine will therefore allow businesses to gain exclusive access to the Royal Mail Mailmark service and all of its benefits. Receive lower franking costs and improve your brand image with this brand new FP Mailing Qi9 Mailmark Compatible franking machine.

As well as Mailmark, the FP Mailing Postbase Qi9 machine also has an easy to use and follow control panel. This will help improve the franking process and make it even easier to use, allowing everyone to use this machine. Not only this, but this Mailmark machine also has a speed of 85 franks per minute, suiting all businesses that produce medium volumes of mail.

The FP Mailing Portbase Qi9 will also aid you to calculate your franking costs as its integrated weighing scale will calculate the postage for your mail automatically. This makes this machine convenient to use and it will save your business time and money when using it.

However, as reliable and useful the FP Mailing Postbase Qi9 is, Mailcoms can also offer you a wide range of Mailmark Franking Machines at lower prices. See our great range of Mailmark Franking Machines here and save money.

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FP Mailing Postbase Qi9 Specifications

Speed: 85 letters per minute
Scale: There is a 5KG scale
Max. envelope thickness: Up To 10mm
Connection: LAN Connection
Differential Weighing Option: Yes
Label Dispenser: Yes
PIN Security: Yes
Advertising Slogans: Up to 20
Cost Accounts: 100 Available
Mailmark: Yes
Colour Range: Black, Blue, Red, Gold, Silver

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