ZigZag 4mm Shredded Paper

ZigZag 4mm Shredded Paper
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ZigZag Crinkle Cut Shredded Paper

Reusable, recyclable & biodegradable ZigZag crinkle cut shredded paper is the perfect gift packaging solution to ensure your items arrive safely in the post. Manufactured from strong Kraft paper and available in multiple colours, Mailcoms’ range of ZiZag shredded paper is perfect for packaging and protecting items during transit..

ZigZag paper is manufactured from 70-80gsm shreds, crinkle cut, paper at 4mm width The crinkle cut style interlocks into itself to create a dense pack if required for thicker cushioning. You can alternatively use this packaging material for direct protection and encases your products with the paper. Either purpose offers secure and reliable protection and acts as a great void fill solution.

ZigZag shredded paper is a aesthetically pleasing and effective void fill solution that offers great protection and fills empty space within boxes and packages. It can offer internal protection and is often associated with gift packaging due to its aesthetics and luxury feel. Using ZigZag crinkle cut shreds will increase customer satisfaction and can create a great brand recognition should you use your brand colours.

Due to its aesthetics, ZigZag shredded paper is often considered more ideal for gift packaging, such as hampers. Multiple items can be dependably protected with this paper and the paper is often are displayed for a pleasing unboxing experience. Many industries can benefit from using this void fill packaging solution including health & saftey, food & drink, candle companies and bakeries. However, this is not a restriction and if your business wishes to improve your packaging as well as making an impact upon customers.

Our ZigZag shredded paper is very environmentally friendly, possessing all the qualities necessary for improving your carbon footprint and broadcasting your green credentials to customers. All the shreds are reusable, recyclable & biodegradable. The paper itself is sustainably sourced with FSC and PEFC certification to assert this.

Both types of paper are manufactured from 70-80gsm paper, however ZigZag shreds are cut at 4mm width while ShredPak shreds are cut at 2mm width. The important difference however is that ShredPak features concertina style folds whereas ZigZag is straight cut and the solution you opt for is purely preference based.

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