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Pitney Bowes Personal Post E700 Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes E700 Personal Post Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes E700 Personal Post Franking Machine

An American based company that was originally two companies Pitney and Bowes, they joined forces in the 1920’s to create the company better known today as Pitney Bowes.  In the early 20’s their first meter postage machine was approved by the United States Post Office, the market was launched and within the space of only a few years they began to sell their machines internationally.

The Pitney Bowes Personal Post Franking machine or the E700 is very much an entry level machine allowing you to try out the world of franking mail, to weigh up the costs of purchase and service against the potential postage cost savings. On average using the franking machine will give you savings of up to 38% on the cost of stamps or at least 19p per letter.

This is a very small compact franking machine launched around the year 2000, not taking up a large area in the office if you have limited space available.  It has a simple to use touch key pad design, meaning choices between 1st and 2nd class posting couldn’t be simpler.  Postage can be downloaded on to your machine by making a phone call, ensuring your franking machine is always ready to frank your mail, whether it be letters, parcels or special delivery.  There is also the added bonus that this franking machine allows you to print your company logo on to every letter or label that you frank.

Because the Personal post E700 is not a smart his machine is now being replaced by the DM50 / DM55 franking machine and will soon become obsolete.

If you’re looking for an entry level machine to replace your personal post franking machine please click here to get a quotation.

If you are looking for low cost original ink for this machine please click here for more information.

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