The Connect+® 1000 franking machine

The recommended Pitney Bowes franking machine for 1000 items / letters a day.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series Franking Machine
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Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series Franking Machine

All about the high volume Connect+ 1000 franking machine

The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 franking machine uses full colour franking and a huge colour touch screen to help your business advertise on every mail item. Frank a full colour advertisement and attract the reader before they even open the mail. Take full advantage of this useful feature and use this machine as a money generation tool.

Find out about this franking machine in more detail below. The Connect+ 1000 is a very high volume franking machine capable of franking 180 items a minute, and capable of franking over 1000 mail items in one day. It is a top of the range Pitney Bowes machine manufactured by the world’s leading franking machine manufacturer.

Why choose the Connect+ 1000 franking machine?

  • There is a built-in 5 KG weighing scale with the Connect+ 1000. Upgrade this to a 7, 12 or 35 Kg scale.
  • Protect the Connect+ 1000 franking machine via the use of PIN code security.
  • This machine is Smart Meter compliant. Take full advantage of this unique service with the Connect+ 1000.
  • Track expenses for up to 50 departmental accounts as standard. Upgrade this to have up to 100, 500 or 2,000 different accounts.
  • Automatically record and report any VAT paid via VAT applicable services with the Connect+ 1000.
  • This Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 franking machine is Mailmark compliant, allowing you can use the New Mailmark service and its benefits.
  • Use a analogue or LAN connection to recredit and update the Connect+ 1000 franking machine.
  • Mailmark Ready for Maximum Postage Discounts
  • Up to 180 Letters per minute
  • Automatic Envelope Feeding
  • Royal Mail Vat Reporting ‘Smart Meter’ and ‘Smart Blue’ Printing
  • Modem or Online PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • All UK (Including ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Signed For’ recorded) and Overseas Postal Rates Built in
  • Monitoring and reporting facilities Postage and meter reports
  • 10.2″ Full Colour Touch Screen dispaly
  • 1200 dpi printing technology
  • Both Drop Stacker and Power Stacker stacking options available
  • Maximum envelope thickness 16mm
  • Capacity of integrated weight platform 5 kg
  • Various number of advertisements
  • Various number of job presets
  • Upgrade your weighing scale to a 7, 12 or 35 Kg scale
  • Optional print colour options including: postal Blue, Black & White and Full Colour (Process Colour)
  • Pin number access
  • 50 Departmental accounts as standard
  • Upgrade to have 100, 500 or 2,000 Separate Departmental accounts
  • Optional 15″ XGA Colour Touch Screen display
  • Optional Differential Weighing feature
  • Optional Barcode feature
  • Automatically records and reports VAT Applicable services
  • Network or Telephone Re-crediting / Updating

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