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Pitney Bowes Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Pitney Bowes Machine

Pitney Bowes Machines have been manufactured and sold around the world for many years, and they are now the worlds leading manufacturers in mail room equipment such as franking machines. They now sell and supply many Pitney Bowes Machines to the world, making over $3 billion per year.

Pitney Bowes Machine History

In 1902, Arthur Pitney and Eugene A. Rummler created their first ever “Double Locking” Hand-Cranked Postage Stamping Machine. In 1908, Walter Bowes created his first ever Stamp Cancelling Machine. Due to the rapid increase of mail volume in the 1910’s, Arthur Pitney & Walter Bowes decided to merge companies, and on April 23, 1920, Pitney Bowes was formed.

Pitney Bowes Machine - Model M Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes Machine – Model M (1920’s)

When Pitney Bowes merged, they released the first Pitney Bowes Machine called the Model A. On May 17th, 1922, Pitney Bowes postage meters expanded to Great Britain and released the first Postage Meter. This is the date when the first franking machine was in operation.

Now, over 90 years later, Pitney Bowes provide many software and hardware products and services to integrate their mail room products such as franking machines and folding inserting machines. They are now worth over $5 billion and employ well over 33,000 people worldwide.

Pitney Bowes Machine Range

Pitney Bowes provide many franking machines to over 2 million companies worldwide. Use the links below to view information about the most current Pitney Bowes machines and franking machine supplies that you can buy for the machine.

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