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Mailmark Software – Franking Machine Feature

Mailmark Software - Franking Machine Feature

Recently, the Royal Mail gave released a brand new service called Mailmark software. This service requires franking machines to use Mailmark software when franking. It is important to note that this new initiative is an alternative solution NOT a replacement so there is no need to worry. There are many added benefits of using this software and many businesses are currently unaware of them.

Mailmark software is a brand new initiative that can only be accessed in a few franking machines. There are currently only a few Mailmark ready models on the market. This service is not mandatory and so you have an option of whether you would like to use it. However it can be very beneficial to use and is advised to have.

Mailmark Software – 2D Barcode

Mailmark software involves the franking machine to frank a new 2D barcode onto all outgoing mail. This then gives you access to all of the Mailmark benefits and is a sign that Mailmark is being used. This barcode holds important information about the franked impression. An example of this can be seen by the image above.

Mailmark Software Franking Prices

One of the main benefits of using Mailmark software is the lower franking prices that are available. The Mailmark prices are much cheaper than stamps and franks. This means that the savings made by using Mailmark can be huge. For example every first class Mailmark frank will cost you 49p which is 13p cheaper than a regular stamp.

Compare the Mailmark prices to the stamp prices here.

What can Mailmark mean for you?

The new Mailmark software that is available helps benefit any business. You will no longer require an analogue line as a secure LAN connection can always be used. This enables faster download speeds and software updates. As well as this, there is added convenience as the most up to date franking prices will always be automatically installed onto your Mailmark franking machine. Find out more about Mailmark Franking here.

If you would like to switch from a regular franking machine to an all new Mailmark franking machine, get some franking machine quotes here. Benefit from Mailmark today!

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