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How Do Franking Machines Work – By Mailcoms

How Do Franking Machines Work?

Franking machines are manufactured and designed to put a franking impression on your mail items, so that they can be posted. The impression will show a printed value on the mail item instead of a traditional stamp. Franking machines have the ability to produce a red or blue (Smart Meter Only) franking impression on your mail items.

A franking machine will give you a discounted price for your mail compared to stamps, meaning you can save money on your mail. This means all mail is always accurately priced. This added benefit is one of the main reasons people use franking machines.

Franking Machine Basics

The basic franking impressions on your mail will include various information. This information includes:

  • The item price
  • An identifier number
  • The Date
  • Place of posting
How Do Franking Machines Work

Example of a Franking Impression

Many franking machines also allow you to frank further information on your mail and this can include:

  • Greeting messages
  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Company Return Address

A franking machine comes with all of the most up to date Royal Mail postal tariffs, allowing businesses to select their preferred class, size and details, e.g. Next Day Delivery. This information will then be franked on your mail items.

By franking a company logo, name and / or return address on your mail, you can use a franking machine as a promotional tool and improve your professional business image. A franking machine will also give you the added benefit of convenience as you will never have to go to the Post Office to buy stamps.

After Franking

Once you have franked your mail item you must simply sort your mail so it can be posted to the Post Office and quickly sent out by the Royal Mail. As you have already weighed and franked your mail, you will not need to do this again.

Royal Mail supplies businesses using a franking machine with the necessary bags, pouches and trays so your mail can be sorted out correctly. This allows your mail to be dealt with by the Post Office immediately.

Larger business also prefer to pay Royal Mail to collect all of the mail directly from them instead of going to the Post Office. This is because larger businesses will send out much larger volumes of mail.

Franking Machine Quote!

As you can see above, processing and sending your mail when using a franking machine could not be made any simpler to do. For this reason you may be interested in buying a franking machine. If so, get a Franking Machine Quote or Mailmark Franking Machine Quote here.

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