Mailmark™ – Get Ready!

MailMark is a brand new way of preparing Mail. For processing by the Royal Mail. The Mailmark can be an alternative to the current ‘Value’ frank. It will print a new 2D Bar code, the Royal Mail “delivered by” branding and a new visual identifier. The identifier shows the class of the mail and the format.

To allow our clients access to the benefits of the upcoming alternative. We have created a quick quote form below. To ensure you get a MailMark ready Franking Machine. As soon as possible.

At Mailcoms we are determined. To ensure that all our clients are capable of accessing the new benefits.

Benefits include

1. Difference in price. To ensure maximization of postal budgets.

2. Drive responses to your business. We are granting access to a brand new Prepay Business reply Product. To help you generate extra revenue.

3. Postal tariffs are updated in advance. To avoid additional surcharges and generate revenue.

4. Switching from analogue telephones lines. To a new networked connection to further reduce costs and increase speed.

5. A more professional look to your mail. Present a more professional image.

6. Mailcoms Mail Report will be providing you with more enhanced data. Containing even more information to help you make business critical decisions.

If you have any additional questions please do feel free to phone us at 01543 572776.

More information on Mailmark™.

For more information regarding Mailmark. Download our PDF file. We have also blogged about Mailmark. in order to make sure that all our clients are aware of the alternatives. That will be soon available in the future here. We have also set up a landing page. Explaining about Mailmark and recommending ways for our clients and others to prepare. Prepare for Mailmark to ensure that there is no hiccup or awkward transitional phase, HERE.

Brand New Royal Mail Postage Rates finally announced! Including Mailmark™ prices.

The postage rates for 2020 have finally been announced including the all new Mailmark™ prices. To view the brand new Mailmark™ postage rates for 2020 please click the link. To download our new 2020 postage rates wall chart please click the link

Keep up to Date with Mailmark™ and get the latest information. So that you can save even more money!

For more information Concerning Mailmark™ remember to read up on the The Royal Mail’s official site here Also for more information on how Mailmark™ will affect you and your franking machine click here To see which of our franking machines are Mailmark™ compliant and compatible simply click here for a full listing of our franking machines or click here for more information about our Mailmark compatible franking machine’s.
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Did you know?

You can now get FREE PROOF OF DELIVERY with every Royal Mail 1st Class & 2nd Class parcel and packets sent with Mailcoms’ latest franking machine range.

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