Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

Mailmark franking technology has now been in operation since April 2014 and many businesses are now migrating to a Mailmark franking machine. Frama are one manufacturer and supplier of franking machines that can offer a range of Frama Mailmark franking machines. Frama have been manufacturing franking machines since 1970 and they are still doing so today.

Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

Their headquarters are located in Lauperswil, Switzerland and they have many other operations around the globe, including the UK, Belgium and South Africa. As well as Frama Mailmark franking machines, Frama also supply a range of other useful mailroom products. This range includes folding inserting machines, letter openers and consumables.

Range of Frama Mailmark Franking Machines

There are currently various Frama Mailmark franking machines available for purchase. Their most recent range of Mailmark models consist of low volume, mid volume and high volume franking machines. Use the links below to find out more about the most current range of Frama Mailmark franking machines.

What is Mailmark?

Although Mailmark has been around since April 2014, many UK businesses may be still unsure exactly what Mailmark is. Mailmark is basically an alternative franking technology that can be used and benefited from in almost all modern franking machines.

It is not a mandatory piece of technology as of yet and so you can carry on franking as per usual without it. Mailmark however can be used by simply purchasing a new franking machine.

Mailmark is seen by Royal Mail as the future of franking and so they are keen to implement Mailmark in all franking machines. It is more beneficial to use as users can use even lower franking prices, track mail items and frank an all new and improved 2D barcode impression.

As well as this, Mailmark franking machines also come with all the standard franking machine features such as advertisements, job memories and smart meter technology. Find out more about Mailmark here.

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