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Folding Inserting Machine Advantages – By Mailcoms

Folding Inserting Machine Advantages
When any business uses a folding inserting machine to fold their mail correctly and professionally, you will benefit from a wide range of advantages that can be very beneficial. Your mail will be folded professionally and at a much faster speed than any human, and these are just two of the many folding inserting machine advantages that can be gained from using a folding inserting machine.

Folding Inserting Machine Advantages

The folding inserting machine advantages that you will gain from using a folding inserting machine such as the Mailstream include:

Save Money! – one of the most obvious folding inserting machine advantages. When a human folds mail, it can cost as much as 5p per item, based on minimum wage. If the wage is higher, then the cost can be greater. A folding inserting machine will fold more mail than any human possibly can, without the need for pay. This can save your business a lot of money when using a folding inserting machine.

Save Time! – our slowest machine can fold mail at a rate of 15 items per minute. This is faster than any human, and it will allow your mailings to go out the door faster.

Faster than any human – a folding inserting machine can process your mail at a much faster rate than any human, increasing productivity levels for your business. They will eliminate any manual labour.

Easy to Use – simply place your items into the trays and away you go. No special training is required for use and on screen prompts will help with the folding inserting process.

Enhance Your Customer Relationships – send out more mail to your customers and keep in touch with them by sending out more correspondences.

Professional Looking Mail – all your mail items will look far more professional as they will be folded and inserted cleanly and crisply every time. No human can do this.

Added Convenience – with a folding inserting machine, you will not have to spend a minute or two folding your mail. Instead you can walk to your machine and let the machine do its job for you.

Additional Marketing Advantages – one of the final folding inserting machine advantages is that when you use it for mailshots or any other marketing activities, you can turn your machine into a money making machine.

All of the above folding inserting machine advantages can be gained by your business when using a fantastic folding inserting machine. These are just some of the many great folding inserting machine advantages that can be gained.

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