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Folding Inserting Machines – Mailcoms Range

Folding Inserting Machines

Here at Mailcoms, franking machines are not the only mail room equipment we can supply your business. As well as franking machines, we can offer you low cost folding inserting machines at reasonable prices. We have all types of folding inserting machines, whether you need a fast folding inserting machine like the MailFill Plus, or a slower folding inserting machine like the MailStream Lite.

A folding inserting machine are machines that will fold your mail, insert your mail and seal your mail for you. No more time needs to be wasted on humans manually folding and inserting mail items as these machines will speed up the entire process and do the task at a better, more professional level.

Below is a list of our franking machines, click on them to view each one individually.
Folding Inserting Machines - Mailcoms Range

Folding Inserting Machines Advantages

A folding inserting machine will bring many advantages to your businesses mail room. Some of the advantages of a folding inserting machine include:

  • Saves Time – these machines work much faster and produce more than a human
  • Easier – these machines are easier to use than manually folding and inserting envelopes
  • Improved Productivity – no human labor is needed as a folding inserting machine works much faster than any human
  • Quiet – it can be used in an open office as it is extremely quiet
  • Enhance our image – your mail will be folded correctly every time, giving your mail a professional look to it
  • Easy to set up -simply get it out the box and plug it in. you will then be guided to setting your machine up within minutes
  • Enhanced customer relations –  send out mail more frequently and keep in touch with customers

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