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O’Riordan Bond Estate Agents Ltd, Northampton – Efficient Service

At O’Riordan Bond Estate Agents we currently have 24 sites that all require postal franking equipment and as a constantly growing organisation we need a fast efficient service and personal account management that we can rely on. Having experienced one problem after another and a serious lack of account management with our previous suppliers we lost all trust in their ability to handle our account effectively. We decided to try Mailcoms Ltd as they seemed to tick all the right boxes and having fitted their machines in a few newly opened branches we straight away noticed a refreshing change. Since the machine installations we are constantly kept informed of the site usages. Any potential issues are identified and provided with a solution before they become a problem. In addition they have also taken away many of the administration headaches which are now handled for us. The equipment provided is ideally suited and is also much cheaper than our previous supplier.We have now decided to switch all O’Riordan Bond sites over to Mailcoms Ltd and look forward to a continued successful business relationship.

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