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Fixed Values

Fixed values support for the Frama Mailmax franking machine. Below you will be able to find a range of fixed values support for this franking machine. Simply find what you need help with and follow our guides to see if we can support you.

Mailmax Fixed Values Support

New Postage Prices - Changing your Fixed Values

If you use the fixed values on your franking machine these need to be changed manually. Follow the instructions on how to change them below and see suggestions as to which services to use.


We wrote to our Mailmax users in November 2010 to advise that if customers with Mailcoms 'stand alone' scales accepted an update from Frama that it may change the operating system and limit operator changes to settings such as 'Fixed Values' which have historically been changed manually.

This year we have noticed an increased amount of customers who seem to have accepted the Frama update and now to change fixed values requires a chargeable software update from Frama as also advised in our newsletter of November 2010. Customers with Premier service cover receive inclusive postal rate updates for the scale Mailcoms provided, not for software updates purchased from Frama.

If your operating system does not allow you to follow the 'Step 1' intructions below to change your fixed values then go to 'Step 2' below.

Step 1

1. Select the highest account number usually account 2 (unless you have additional departmental accounts) then press OK.

2. Enter the supervisor password then press OK.

3. Press ‘Info Setup 1, then 2 and then 3.

4. In the third setup screen you should see the top left button showing ‘Change Fix Val.’ press this to enter the ‘Fixed Value’ change screen.

5. Select the ‘Fixed Value’ button you want to change and press OK.

6. Select the new value and press OK, this will return you to the previous setup screen.

7. To continue altering ‘Fixed Value’ buttons press the ‘Change Fix Val.’ button again and repeat the process from number 5.

8. Once finished exit the setup screens by pressing CE.

For assistance, we can suggest the most common 9 new March 29th 2016 prices are programmed as follows:










Key 1 - 40p = 2nd Class 'Letter'

Key 2 - 53p = 1st Class 'Letter'

Key 3 - £1.50 = 1st Class 'Large Letter' – 251g to 500g

Key 4 - 67p = 2nd Class 'Large Letter' less than 100g

Key 5 - 83p = 1st Class 'Large Letter' less than 100g

Key 6 - £3.07 = 1st Class 'Small Parcel' 0 to 1kg

Key 7 - 94p = 2nd Class 'Large Letter' 101g to 250g

Key 8 - £1.14 = 1st Class 'Large Letter' 101g to 250g

Key 9 - £6.85 = Special Delivery up to 100g & up to £500 value

Step 2

If the above does not allow you to change the fixed values as advised please contact us today as a software update may be required. Once notified the download update is available please follow the instructions below:

1. Please connect your machine to the telephone line you use for re-crediting

2. Select your highest account and press OK

3. Enter your password and press OK

4. Press info setup 1

5. Press info setup 2

6. Press info setup 3

7. Press FramaOnline 2

8. Press Inspection

9. Press OK

10. Once the inspection has finished the new tariff has been loaded

11. Press the screen once after the inspection has completed and this will return the machine to start Menus.

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