IJ25 / Autostamp Stats Upload Support

Stats Upload Error

Every now and then your IJ25 & Autostamp franking machine will show an error on it’s display screen. When the machine is powered, an error may show and this may be Inspection Due, Franking System Blocked or Stats Upload. If this happens your franking machine needs to send stats to an external server for storing. Follow the following steps to perform this important task.

1. Ensure the franking machine is connected to a phone line.

2. Select the Money Bag button.

3. Click “OK” to re-credit.

4. Type in your 4 digit credifon PIN.

5. Click “OK” to enter a £0.00 amount.

6. Confirm the amount by clicking “OK”.

7. The franking machine will then start recrediting / connecting to the server. This may take several minutes and during this time period Transacting will appear on the machine.

If the machine still shows an error such as Inspection Due, Franking System Blocked or Stats Upload, then you have an OLS machine. From here you must do the following:

1. Click Menu.

2. Scroll to OLS and click “OK”.

3. Click Upload Stats.

This should remove the error.