DM300M Presets Support

A Custom Preset allows you to quickly select stored postage settings. The postal class setting and identification of your mail type help automate the preset process for future rate data changes. You can set the class type and any extra necessary services.

1. Press the button to the left of the screen for Class.

2. Selecting all the class, extra services, ads or account options you want.

3. Press the Down Arrow.

4. Select Preset Options.

5. Select Create New Custom Preset.

6. Lift the cover, then use the keyboard to type in a name for your preset.

7. Select Accept.

8. If you do not want to review the settings, select Yes to store the settings. You are returned to the Home screen. Your preset is now ready to use.

Normal presets are the default conditions on your franking machine that you define based on your commonly used values, such as postage rates and class. You can adjust the settings according to your needs, such as First-Class, Priority Mail, Parcel Post etc.

Once you create normal presets, they are saved and readily available on your franking machine. The Postal Class setting and identifying your mail type help automate the preset process for future rate updates and changes.

Choose a Class

1. Select Class

2. Select US Domestic. Note: If the optional Presort Xtra feature is installed, Presort Xtra will show as a third class group/carrier selection.

3. Select 1st Class

4. Select Letter

5. Press Enter

6. Confirm that the screen now shows the correct class

Set Up Preset

1. Press Menu

2. Press Page Down

3. Select Preset Options

4. Select Set Normal Preset

5. Select Yes to confirm the settings

6. When the system returns to the Presets Options screen, press Home . When the system returns to the Home screen, your normal preset has been updated.

Follow the steps below to delete a custom preset.

1. Press Menu

2. If necessary, press Page Down to scroll through the menu screens

3. Select Preset Options

4. Press Page Down

5. Select Delete Presets. The display lists all of the custom presets.

6. Select the preset you want to delete

7. Select Yes, Delete. The preset is deleted and the system returns to the Preset Options menu

8. Press Home

If your franking machine shows the message invalid preset on power up or when loading a preset then you need to fix this as soon as possible. This error displays for a number of reasons. This error is displayed when the machine cannot load the Normal Preset (the franking machine’s default settings: Carrier, Class, Ad) and this error can relate to a scale issue. Or it may even occur after a Royal Mail rate change, for example if a Class has now been removed by Royal Mail.

To resolve this error, first, try re-seating the scale:

1. The franking machine will display three different options: select “Quit Presets”. You will be returned to the home screen.

2. Remove the scale from the top of the franking machine.

3. Replace the scale on top of the franking machine, ensuring that it is fitted properly and is level.

4. Press the “Normal Preset” key.

If the error returns, check the serial port setting:

1. Select “Load Partial Preset”.

2. Press “Menu”.

3. Select “Setup”.

4. Press “Page Down”.

5. Select “Serial Port”.

6. Select “Attached Scale”.

7. Press Custom Preset and select the desired custom preset, or Press Normal Preset.

If your issue is not resolved, the problem may be that one of the elements of your Normal Preset (most commonly used Class, Ad and/or Text Message) is no longer available or has not been selected properly. To resolve the issue, simply select a new Class and re-save the Normal Preset.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.