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1000 White DL+ Gummed Plain (Non Window) Envelopes (114mm x 235mm)



1000 White DL+ Gummed Plain (Non Window) Envelopes (114mm x 235mm)
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Product Description

These 1000 white DL non windowed gummed envelopes are designed to work with your mailing equipment and deliver consistent performance.

These high quality manufactured envelopes outsized seams ensure reliable consistent document insertion every time and less stoppages!!

Guarnatee ImageMailcoms will guarantee these gummed envelopes to be of high quality or we will offer you a full refund.


Specifications & Options

* Full Telephone & Instant Chat Support Available By Qualified Franking Machine Technicians. *

* Dispatched by Mailcoms® who are a Royal Mail Approved Ink Supplier & Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer Of Franking Machines. *

  • Envelope Quality Weight Icon

    Envelope Quality Weight


  • Envelope Colour Icon

    Envelope Colour


  • Envelope Type Icon

    Envelope Type

    Non Windowed

  • Envelope Flaps / Seal Icon

    Envelope Flaps / Seal


  • Seams Icon


    Outside Side Seam

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    Envelope made with PEFC accredited materials

  • Envelope Dimensions Icon

    Envelope Dimensions

    DL, 114mm x 235mm

  • Box Quantity Icon

    Box Quantity

    1000 Envelopes

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