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Why use a Franking Machine – By Mailcoms

Why use a Franking Machine

Many businesses in the UK are now using a franking machine to frank their mail. This may be due to the massive savings to be made, the fact that you can advertise for free or because you can help improve your business image. However, many people are currently not franking mail, and a common question you may ask yourself is why use a franking machine? Hopefully by reading this blog, you may want to invest in a franking machine.

Why use a Franking Machine

There are many reasons for you to use a franking machine. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Save up to 35% off your postage – when you use a franking machine, you gain access to much lower franking prices. Over the course of the year, you will make massive savings. These savings are as big as 35% when compared to stamps. View the 2014 Royal Mail Prices here.
  • Advertise your business for free – a franking machine allows you to frank a company logo and / or a return address on your mail. You can also use free adverts and this will help expand your business name and is completely free.
  • Pay exact postage every time – when franking your mail, you will never over or under pay for a mail item. By using the integrated weighing scale, you will always pay the correct postage.
  • It is far more convenient – using a franking machine requires you to frank mail in the comfort of your own office. This is far more convenient than walking to the Post Office every day to stamp your mail. This will save your business time and be very beneficial.
  • Quick & easy to use – franking your mail is a far quicker and easier process than stamping. Very little human interaction is required with franking and you can use simple one touch buttons to frank mail within minutes.

If your business wish to invest in a franking machine after viewing this blog, then get a Mailmark Quote or a Franking Machine Quote here.

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