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What Are The Mailmark Prices for 2014 – Guide By Mailcoms

Mailmark Prices for 2014

As you should be aware, a new Mailmark service was introduced this year on 31st March 2014 by Royal Mail. With it came Mailmark Prices which were released with all of the other Postage rates for 2014.

The new franking system has gained a lot of interest from many customers in the UK, and Mailmark is proving to be a big success. The Mailmark service brought with it lower franking prices, and this is one reason for why it is becoming so popular.

Please compare the Mailmark prices with the stamp prices for 2014 below.

1st Class2nd Class
SizeWeight up to and includingStamp PricesMailmark™ PricesStamp PricesMailmark™ Prices
Large Letter100g93p74p73p60p
Small Parcel1kg£3.20£2.90£2.80£2.50
Medium Parcel1kg£5.65£4.80£5.20£4.40

As you can see, the savings made when using the Mailmark service is quite huge, for example 13p is saved for every 1st Class, 100g standard letter that is sent.

To see the Mailmark Prices more clearly, download our 2014 Wall Poster PDF here.

Mailmark Advantages

As well as savings, there are even more benefits that you can gain when using the Mailmark system, and some of them can be seen below.

  • A new 2D barcode frank helping to enhance your mail
  • Track Your Mail
  • Automatic Postage Rate change update
  • Always receive faster download speeds by using a LAN connection
  • A new business reply
  • Enhanced Reporting via a new Web App
  • Lower Franking Prices

Mailmark Franking Machines

As Mailmark is a new service, there are currently not that many Mailmark compliant franking machine. Luckily for you Mailcoms have an entire range of Mailmark machines, suited for a range of businesses.

View our Mailmark Franking Machine Range here or receive a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote here and save money today.

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