Savings Made When Using A Franking Machine

In today’s modern world of technology, not all communication can occur digitally and many UK businesses still prefer the more ‘old fashioned’ way of communicating. Everyday businesses need to send mail and with this comes an associated cost. Whether it is costs for buying supplies, stamps or from processing the mail. However, switching the way you pay for your postage expenditure can bring huge savings to any business.

Mailcoms Mailbase Speed Franking Machine

Save On Stamps

With a franking machine you will no longer need to buy stamps. Instead you pay for your postage and frank your mail – all at a lower cost. The Royal mail grants franking machine users discounts on almost any mail item that you send.

A first class stamp for a standard letter currently costs your business 65p, you will only be charged 55p when using Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking technology. This alone is a 10p difference! For a second class stamp for a standard letter currently costs your business 56p, you will only be charged 38p when using Royal Mail’s Mailmark franking technology (rates based from 27th March 2017). This is a further 18p difference! The discounts and savings on offer can save your business huge amounts over the course of a week, month and year.

Increased Efficiency

As well making money savings your business can also profit from becoming far more efficient. Very little human interaction is required to frank a mail item and many franking machines come with features that enable inserting and sealing to occur automatically. You will never have to queue at the post office again as a franking machine can be topped up in your own office and your mail can even be picked up for you by the Royal Mail – all saving many man hours. Basically using a franking machine allows your business to concentrate on more important tasks.

No More Miss Paying

Almost every franking machine comes with a weighing scale as a standard feature. This means that every mail item can be franked with the correct price. If you are ever uncertain about an items weight, just weigh it. You can ensure accurate payment occurs every time and ensure no more miss paying for mail items occurs again. The correct postage will be printed on all envelopes.

Find Your Franking Machine

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We are a Royal Mail Authorised Independent Inspector & Maintainer of Franking Machines with over 20,000 customers nationwide and we can supply you with our very own range of models.