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Royal Mail 2016 Price Change Announcement

Royal Mail have recently announced that the franking postage prices and stamp postage prices will change from 29th March 2016. The Royal Mail 2016 Price Change will affect your business. Full details will be properly announced at the end of February, so stay in touch with us to receive new pricing information. You can visit http://www.royalmail.com/prices2016 for more information.

Royal Mail 2016 Price Change

Royal Mail 2016 Price Change

The Royal Mail 2016 Price Change announcement means that your franking machine will need updating so that you are up to date with the franking world. Many franking machines will do this for you automatically via Mailmark but others will require updating manually.

Royal Mail Mailmark Technology

Mailmark franking technology will give your business the best prices available for any Royal Mail product or Royal Mail service. Automatic price updates, easy selection of products, exclusive access to lower Royal Mail prices and much more are some of its benefits. Find out more about Mailmark franking technology here.

Get the Right Price

Be sure to always pay the correct franking price when posting out mail items. Remember when sending out a Large Letter or a Small parcel, change the settings on your franking machine. If sending mail abroad (including the Republic of Ireland), please choose a Royal Mail International service that is available via your franking machine.

Prepare & Present Mail Correctly

The Royal Mail will help you get your mail ready for collection or for dropping it off at a Post Office. A range of helpful videos and poster graphics are available on their website. Simple steps can be followed, helping you prepare your mail better. Get the most out of your franking machine.

Improvements to Royal Mail’s Parcel Service

The Royal Mail have some great services available for customers, allowing you to get even more from Royal Mail parcel services. These include:

  • Local Collect®
  • Sunday Services
  • Systems Investment
  • Later Acceptance Times

Interested in a franking machine? View our latest range of franking machines here and receive instant franking machine quotes.

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