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Purchasing Franking Machine Ink

Every franking machine in the UK needs franking machine ink in order for you to print postage and / or a company logo onto your mail items. However franking machine ink needs to be bought with caution as some compatible ink cartridges can harm the franking machine and almost all ink cartridges differ in multiple ways – such as price, impression amount and quality!

Smart Franking Machine Ink

Using Franking Machine Ink Cartridges

Today’s modern franking machines make using franking machine ink easier and more comfortable than ever before. Before businesses had to frank mail in red franking ink, as required by Royal Mail, but now a more discreet black or smart blue colour can be used.

Changing your franking ink is also very simple. You will face very little problems when changing the franking machine ink cartridge. Simply follow the various instructions in your manual or use on screen prompts to successfully change the cartridge. PLEASE NOTE: You should always be careful as damage is easily caused.

Original Manufacturer Ink Cartridges

The cost of purchasing franking ink can be costly but the cost is not the only important factor when purchasing ink. Many ink cartridges are better than others due to the quality, value for money and the fact that they are specifically designed for the franking machine. This is why Mailcoms only supply original franking ink for some franking machines.

However at Mailcoms we also supply our own franking ink which is perfectly designed for many other franking machines.

Independent Manufacturer Ink Cartridges

Royal Mail Approved Franking Machine Ink

You may not be aware but Mailcoms can offer our very own range of franking machine ink cartridges. The ink used has gained Royal Mail approval and this means it has been trialled and tested in a wide range of franking machines. In most cases we charge you far less than any original ink cartridges.

The quality is just as good as an original and they will not harm the franking machines print head. You will be able to save money and our ink is very reliable to use in a range of Neopost, Frama and FP Mailing franking machines. PLEASE NOTE: that many compatible cartridges from other franking machine suppliers are not Royal Mail approved meaning you are at risk of damaging your franking machine so check before you buy.

Comparing Ink Prices Before Purchase

Before buying a franking machine you can compare the price of franking machine ink so that you limit the cost of purchasing franking ink in the future. This could save you countless pennies.

Fortunately at Mailcoms we can supply low cost franking machine ink fo all our franking machines. View our range of franking machines here and receive a quick franking machine quote.

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