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Postal Price Changes over the last 4 Years – By Mailcoms

Postal Price Changes

Every year, Royal Mail announces new postal price changes, and 2014 was no different. Since March 31st 2014, all of the 2014 Postal Prices have been in effect, all of which can be viewed on our 2014 Wall Poster here.

Based on the first and second class standard letter prices, we are looking back at how the Postal Price Changes have changed over the last 4 years. Please view our table below.

1st Class46p39p60p44p60p47p62p50p
2nd Class36p28p50p31p50p33p53p37p

Table based on 1st & 2nd Class Standard Letter Prices

Postal Price Changes 2011

In 2011, the cost of a 1st class standard letter increased by 5p and the cost of a 2nd class standard letter increased by 7p. At this time, the price increase was seen as massive, but the rise was meant to help fund the Royal Mail modernisation programme.

Postal Price Changes 2012

In 2012, the cost of a 1st & 2nd class standard letter increased hugely. The cost of a 1st & 2nd class standard letter stamp increased by 14p. The cost of a frank however only increased slightly, being very beneficial for frankers.

Also in 2012, the difference in price for using a stamp compared to frank increased significantly to 16p and 19p for a 1st & 2nd class standard letter respectively.

Due to Royal Mail seeing its mail volume decrease over the past few years, the price increase had to be made, and this was the first time ever that such a large increase had took place.

Postal Price Changes 2013

In 2013, the price of a standard class letter was the same for a stamp, which was great for customers. However, the price of a frank had increased, as well as alterations to Royal Mail’s parcel range. Not only this, but the pricing difference between a stamp and a frank was still significant at 13p and 17p for a 1st & 2nd class standard letter respectively.

Postal Price Changes 2014

In 2014, the prices for a stamp and a frank had risen slightly. The price of a stamp for a 1st & 2nd class stamp had risen by 2p and 3p respectively. The price of a frank for a 1st & 2nd class stamp had risen by 3p and 4p respectively. This means that the price to use a frank is still much lower than a stamp, with a business saving 12p on 1st class standard letters and 16p for 2nd class standard letters.

As well as this, in 2014 the new Mailmark service has also been released, allowing businesses to save even more money when franking their mail with a Mailmark franking machine. Save an extra 1p or 2p on every letter franked with the NEW Mailmark service. Find out more about Mailmark 2014 here.

Start Using Franks!

If your business still uses stamps to send your mail, then it may be time for your to consider using a franking machine instead, and save money on your postage costs. Get a Mailmark Franking Machine Quote or a Franking Machine Quote here.

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