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Neopost Rebrand – By Mailcoms

On February 2, 2015 Neopost launched a global rebrand of its company, with the aim to position itself with the digital world, the mailing world and the shipping world in mind. The Neopost rebrand reflects the positioning of Neopost and ensures that their is a brand consistency across the business. To develop this new look and brand Neopost hired a Paris based branding agency called CBA.

Neopost Rebrand

Neopost Rebrand

Neopost have taken a lime green corporate colour as their new logo. The new lime green colour now evokes a “growth, harmony and safety” feeling to it. The letter “N” symbolizes Neopost’s role in the multi-channel communications industry.

A new slogan has also been adopted reading: “Send. Receive. Connect”. This sums up Neopost’s aim of communicating the company like a link creator that guides and supports organisations when sending goods, aiding more businesses to connect with customers.

The new logo and rebrand is Neopost’s second and as you can see from the image below it has changed quite a lot. Neopost have moved away from the colour brown and have changed the look of their logo, hoping to achieve all of the above.

Neopost Rebrand

Neopost, one of the largest global mailroom solutions worldwide, said that the branding came so that Neopost could evolve in a rapidly changing world. The new logo now aims to emphasize three main areas of the business which are: Mailing, Digital and Shipping.

Neopost Franking Machines

With the Neopost rebrand now complete, they can offer businesses a wide range of products, including franking machines. Find out more about the current range of Neopost franking machines in detail by using the links below.

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