The IS440 Franking Machine

The recommended Neopost franking machine for 500 items / letters a day.

Neopost IS420/IS440 Franking Machine

All about the mid volume IS440 Franking Machine

The IS440 can frank at speeds reaching 95 letters a minute and it comes with excellent ink-jet technology, meaning that every frank produced will be clean and crisp, helping to improve your businesses professional look. View more about this great Neopost machine below.

Why choose the IS440 franking machine?

Promote your business and improve customer relations with printed messages. This is just one feature that can make the IS440 machine a money generation tool for your business. Enhance your organisations look by franking a company logo and slogan onto every mail item sent out.

Benefits of tHE IS440 franking machine

  • There is a built-in 3 KG weighing scale with the IS440. Upgrade this to a 5, 10 or 30 Kg scale.
  • Protect the IS440 franking machine via the use of PIN code security.
  • This machine is Smart Meter compliant. Take full advantage of this unique service with the IS440.
  • This Neopost IS440 franking machine is Mailmark compliant, allowing you can use the New Mailmark service and its benefits.
  • Track expenses for up to 25 departmental accounts on the IS440 franking machine. Upgrade this amount to 100 accounts.
  • Automatically record and report any VAT paid via VAT applicable services with the IS440.
  • Use a LAN connection to recredit and update the IS440 franking machine.

IS440 franking machine specifications and Options

Below you will be able to find all the specifications and options of the Neopost IS440 that are available.

IS440 franking machine specifications

  • Mailmark Ready for Maximum Postage Discounts
  • Up to 95 Letters per minute
  • Fully Automatic Envelope Feeding
  • Royal Mail Vat Reporting ‘Smart Meter’ and ‘Smart Blue’ Printing
  • Modem or Online PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • All UK (Including ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Signed For’ recorded) and Overseas Postal Rates Built in
  • Monitoring and reporting facilities Postage and meter reports
  • Maximum envelope thickness 12mm
  • Capacity of integrated weight platform 3 kg
  • Maximum number of job presets 9
  • Maximum number of advertisements 10

Options for the IS440 franking machine

  • Pin number access
  • 25 Departmental accounts as standard
  • 100 Departmental accounts optional
  • Optional upgrade for a 5, 10 or 30 KG scale
  • Automatically records and reports VAT Applicable services
  • Network Re-crediting / Updating

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