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The IS6000c Franking Machine

The recommended franking machine for over 1000 items / letters a day.

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Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine
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All about the high volume IS6000c Franking Machine

The IS6000c franking machine is a slightly more advanced franking machine to the high volume IS5000 & IS6000 models. The Neopost IS6000c comes with many integrated franking machine features and technologies, and as this model is made for heavy duty mailings many are highly advanced. It is a new model manufactured and supplied by Neopost, replacing the older IS5000 and IS6000 machines. As a replacement it comes with the latest Mailmark technology, offering users the lowest franking prices possible. The IS6000c franking machine is a heavy duty franking machine manufactured by Neopost, Europe’s leading franking machine supplier. This model is highly advanced and comes with incredible features. Use an automatic feeding system when franking to reach incredible speeds up to 260 letters every minute. The IS6000c is designed perfectly for large mailings of over 1000 items per day. Benefit even more from franking with this machine by using the latest smart meter and Mailmark technologies which will both save you even more money.

Why choose the IS6000c franking machine?

An adjustable 15 inch full colour touch screen can be used to make the franking process easier. Use this touchscreen for rapid navigation, to reach optimum efficiency and benefit from using various shortcuts & menu keys. Franking mail could not be any easier.
For increased convenience you can upgrade the hardware and software that is used in the IS6000c franking machine for better cost control and process management. Link to a LAN connection and gain exclusive access to a range of useful software applications and updates.
The heavy duty IS6000c was purposely designed for the operator as all mailing operations on this franking machine are controlled within the same area, creating the perfect work space. The flexible design to this system allows all users to modify and adjust the various components within arms reach, making it suited for any user. Minimize the range motion and provide yourself with a comfortable work flow.

Watch the IS6000c franking machine demonstration

If you want to see the heavy duty IS6000c in motion, view the video below and see just how incredible this model is.

Why choose The IS6000c franking machine?

Weighing Scale Icon

There is a choice of weighing scales with the IS6000c franking machine including a 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg scale.

PIN Security Icon

Protect your IS6000c franking machines postage funds via the use of PIN security.

Smart Meter Icon

The IS6000c automatically records and reports any VAT paid via VAT applicable services.

Departmental Accounts Icon

Monitor expenses for up to 500 departmental accounts on this franking machine. Upgrade this amount to have up to 9999 accounts.

VAT Icon

Automatically record and report any VAT paid via VAT applicable services with the IS6000c.

Mailmark Icon

This Neopost IS6000c franking machine is Mailmark compliant, allowing you can use the New Mailmark service and its benefits.

Network Icon

Use an analogue or LAN connection to recredit and update the IS6000c franking machine.

IS6000c franking machine specifications and Options

Below you will be able to find all the specifications and options of the Neopost IS6000c that are currently available.

IS6000c franking machine specifications

  • Mailmark Ready for Maximum Postage Discounts
  • Up to 260 Letters per minute
  • Automatic Envelope Feeding
  • Automatic Label Dispenser
  • Colour Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Royal Mail Vat Reporting ‘Smart Meter’ and ‘Smart Blue’ Printing
  • Modem or Online PC Re-crediting / Updates
  • All UK (Including ‘Special Delivery’ and ‘Signed For’ recorded) and Overseas Postal Rates Built in
  • Monitoring and reporting facilities Postage and meter reports
  • Maximum envelope thickness 20mm
  • Capacity of integrated weight platform 3 kg
  • Maximum number of job presets 15
  • Various amount of advertisements
  • Ultra High Capacity ink Tank

Options for the IS6000c franking machine

  • Use the dynamic weighing scale to frank at a top speed of 140 letters per minute
  • Upgrade your weighing scale to a 3, 5, 10 or 30 Kg scale
  • Pin number access
  • 500 Departmental accounts as standard
  • 9999 Departmental accounts optional
  • Automatically records and reports VAT Applicable services
  • Network or Telephone Re-crediting / Updating

Compare the IS6000c franking machine

We can guarantee that the Neopost IS6000c franking machine is a heavy duty franking machine available in the UK from Neopost. It is a heavy duty performer, perfect for businesses that frank large mail loads and mailshots everyday. Compare the IS6000c against other heavy duty franking machines and you may see that other frankers could be slightly more suited for you. Increase productivity levels with the Neopost IS6000c and compare it to other heavy duty franking machines. Please take a gander at the table below.

Pitney Bowes Connect 2000 Franking Machine

Pitney Bowes Connect 2000

  • Speed = 90 - 180
  • Feed method = Automatic
  • Daily prints = Over 1000
  • Ink cost = From £89.95
  • Prints = Up to 68,500
  • Print cost = TBA
Neopost IS6000c Franking Machine

Neopost IS6000c

  • Speed = 260
  • Feed method = Automatic
  • Daily prints = Over 1000
  • Ink cost = £296.99
  • Prints = TBA
  • Print cost = TBA
Mailcoms Connect Plus 2000 Franking Machine

Mailcoms Connect Plus 2000

  • Speed = 90 - 180
  • Feed method = Automatic
  • Daily prints = Over 1000
  • Ink cost = From £89.95
  • Prints = Up to 68,500
  • Print cost = TBA
Frama Matrix F82 Franking Machine

Frama Matrix F82

  • Speed = 150
  • Feed method = Automatic
  • Daily prints = 800
  • Ink cost = £235.00
  • Prints = TBA
  • Print cost = TBA

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