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Neopost IS420 – Guide By Mailcoms

Neopost IS420

Neopost is420

Low Volume Franking Machine (speed of up to 65 franks per minute)

The Neopost IS420 Franking machine is the replacement for the Neopost IJ40 / IJ50 . They both use the same ink cartridges, but it includes a clever microchip that tells the franking machine to stop printing. The Neopost IS420 is programmed to stop the ink cartridges working after about 10,000 prints although there is a higher yield cartridge available.

With speeds of up to 65 letters per minute with full ‘pass through’ franking, it means that the Neopost IS420 is a good replacement to older slower models. The “Pass Through feature allows the items to be franked from the left side and ejected automatically from the right side of the franking machine.

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The Neopost IS420 Specifications

Speed:65 letters per minute
Feed Method:Pass Through feature
Scale:3KG, 5KG, 10KG or 30KG
Personalised Logo/Slogan:9
Max. envelope thickness:9.5mm
Connection Method:LAN or Telephone
Cost Centre’s / Accounts:10
Job Memories:9
Label Dispenser:Yes
Envelope Size:DL, C5 & C4
Dimensions:H: 298mm; W: 748mm; D: 375mm

The Neopost IS420 Running Costs

Ink:£69.95 for about 9,290 prints
Franking labels:£19.95 per 1000
Logo & Return Address:Free
Service Agreement:£199.00 per annum
Royal Mail Rate Updates:Free
Installation Charge:Free
Postage Top Up Fees:Free

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