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Mailcoms Mailstream Pro Folding Inserting Machine – Guide By Mailcoms

Mailcoms Mailstream Pro

Mailcoms Mailstream Pro Folding Inserting Machine

Mid Volume Folding Inserting Machine (Speed of up to 3,000 letters per hour)

The Mailcoms Mailstream Pro folding inserting machine is one of our mid volume folding inserting machines that is fully capable of folding up to 3,000 letters every hour, making it a highly productive machine. This machine will take your mailing efficiency to a entire new level as this machine can fold and insert your mail up to 25 times faster than any human can. By saving time with your folding and inserting of mail, your staff can focus on more productive areas of the business.

As well as this, the Mailcoms Mailstream Pro comes with a full colour touch screen that will allow even the occasional user to use the Mailstream Pro to their advantage. It is extremely easy to use and this means no special training is needed to use this machine. Process up to 15 items per minute and get your mailings out faster than ever before with this incredible folding inserting machine.

If you would like to find out even more about the Mailcoms Mailstream Pro Folding Inserting Machine, please view our Mailstream Pro Brochure and our Mailstream Pro Web Page here.

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Mailcoms Mailstream Pro Specifications

Speed: 3,000 envelopes per hour
Volume: 10,000 envelopes per month
Folding Capacity: 4 Sheets of 80 gsm
Paper Handling: 80 gsm to 110 gsm
Dimensions: Length: 773mm, Depth: 568mm, Height: 525mm
Dimensions: Weight: 55 Kg
Electrical: 230V, 50Hz, 3A

Mailstream Pro Sheet Feeder Details:

Minimum Material Size: 127 wide x 127mm long
Maximum Material Size: 229 wide x 406mm long
Minimum Material Weight: 60g / m2
Maximum Material Weight: 120g / m2

Mailstream Pro Insert Feeder Details:

Minimum Material Size: 127 wide x 82mm long
Maximum Material Size: 230 wide x 152mm long
Minimum Material Weight: 72g / m2 (unfolded material) 60g / m2 (folded material)
Maximum Material Weight: 180g / m2 (single sheet)

Mailstream Pro Envelope Details:

Minimum Material Size: 220 wide x 88mm deep
Maximum Material Size: 242 wide x 164mm deep
Minimum Material Weight: 65g / m2
Maximum Material Weight: 100g / m2

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