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FP Mailing UK – Guide By Mailcoms

FP Mailing UK

FP Mailing UK, also known as Francotyp-Postalia, have been manufacturing and operating in the franking machine industry for 90 years. They have been situated in the UK since FP Mailing began in 1923. FP Mailing started out as Francotyp Postalia when both Francotyp and Postalia merged together in 1983. However, over the last 20 years, they have been simply known as FP Mailing in the UK.

FP Mailing manufacture about 40,000 mail room equipment products each year in their main factory in Birkenwerder, Germany. This is their headquarters and from here they supply the world with FP products. They do however have various subsidiaries around the world, including the UK, the US, France, Belgium, Canada and Singapore. The nearest FP Mailing UK head office is based in Kent.

FP Mailing UK Merge

In 1983, Francotyp and Postalia merged to become Francotyp Postalia. Francotyp had been founded in 1923, and Postalia had been founded in 1938. After the merge, FP Mailing UK hit the UK and the world market of franking machines by storm, and they are now ranked third in the world. FP mailing have a world market share of about 10% in this industry and they deal to over 80 countries globally.

FP Mailing UK Products

FP Mailing UK Mymail Franking Machine
FP Mailing UK supply various mail room equipment products to the UK. They manufacture some of the best franking machines, such as the Mymail, postal scales, folding inserting machines, mailing software and more. By offering such a wide range of mail room products, FP Mailing have become a force in the franking machine industry.

FP Mailing UK have always been a dominant force in the franking machine industry, and this can be seen by the fact that FP Mailing were the first company to release the very first inkjet franking machine, digital franking machine, automatic franking machine and electronic franking machine.

Franking Machine Quote

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