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Ecomail Franking Machine

Frama Ecomail Review:

The Frama Ecomail franking machine is a small entry level machine. Although Frama have ‘smart’ enabled this machine its technology is around 15 years old and still uses thermal ribbons to print.

Frama Ecomail Franking Machine

The ‘Comtouch’ screen was nice operating system in its its day and does make it easy to use and see. The Frama Ecomail Franking Machine offers ‘side letter ejection’ to the left which makes it quicker than some of the other ‘manual stamping’ franking machines.


  • One touch buttons for commonly used jobs
  • Automatic Date change
  • Low Running Costs
  • Pin Number enabled
  • Preset values to ensure correct franking of common services
  • Built in 2 accounts
  • The Frama Ecomail uses an external modem to connect to the server via a traditional analogue phone line.

Frama Ecomail Franking Machine Quotation

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