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Cheap Franking Machine Labels!

Cheap Franking Machine Labels

Our most popular supply that we sell here at Mailcoms are Ink Cartridges, but they are not the only supply that we sell. We can also offer our customers cheap franking machine labels and label rolls at a very low price, much lower than any of our competitors. We have labels for all franking machines, meaning we can supply compatible labels for all of our customers. If you have a Frama Matrix F2 machine, or a FP Mailing Mymail, we can offer you cheap franking machine labels for you, meeting all our customers needs.

Labels we can offer you

We can offer you a mixture of labels, and we sell labels for all franking machines, for all manufacturers. We sell Mailcoms Labels, Pitney Bowes Labels, Neopost Labels, Frama Labels and FP Mailing Labels. We can offer customers compatible labels in either a box of 1000, 500 or 200.

For some products we even sell LONG cheap franking machine labels, which we sell for £17.95, saving you £13 if you buy from Mailcoms, but this is only for a select few products. Similarly, we sell a set of 3 label rolls for a select number of products. These include the Pitney Bowes Connect+ Series, the Pitney Bowes DM400 – DM575 and the Pitney Bowes DM800 – DM1000.


  • 1000 Universal / Compatible Labels: £16.95
  • 500 Universal / Compatible Labels: £9.95
  • 200 Universal / Compatible Labels: £4.95
  • 1000 LONG Labels: £17.95
  • Label Rolls:£39.95 – £49.95 (Depending on Machine)

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