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Cheap Franking Machine Ink – By Mailcoms

Here at Mailcoms we know that franking ink for your franking machines is very important. Without it, your franking machine will not frank, and so we know how important it is to get the lowest priced franking machine ink on the market.

Luckily for you, Mailcoms can offer all our customers cheap franking machine ink that is by far cheaper than anywhere else in the UK. We can save you money, and this is why Mailcoms are the UK’s favourite franking machine supplier.

Cheap Franking Machine Ink

We can offer customers cheap franking machine ink for all franking machines, saving you money. So no matter what machine you have, Mailcoms can supply you with some ink. Whether you own a Mailcoms Mailbase+ or a Neopost IJ25, Mailcoms can supply you with suitable ink for your machine, all at a very low price.

We sell different types of franking machine ink cartridges, all at low prices. We sell Original Ink Cartridges, Compatible Ink Cartridges and we offer a unique Refill & Reset Service, the only one of its kind. You can buy all our ink cartridges in both red and blue ink depending on your franking machine. All our inks are by far cheaper than any other manufacturer or supplier in the UK, and you can save money should you buy ink from us.

Original Ink Cartridges

One type of ink cartridges that we sell are original ink cartridges. These are of our many cheap franking machine ink cartridges that we can offer you. They are original ink cartridges from the original manufacturer, except we can offer you the ink at a much cheaper price than what the original manufacturer sells them for, saving you money.

Compatible Ink Cartridges

Another type of ink cartridge we sell are compatible ink cartridges. These are cheap franking machine ink cartridges that are filled up by Mailcoms with our Royal Mail Approved Ink. They have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are compatible, reliable and readable in all franking machines, and Mailcoms are just one of two independent companies in the world that has this award. This ink will work in your franking machine.

Refill & Reset Service

Our last ink cartridge that we can offer our customers is a refill and reset service. This is our cheapest franking machine ink that we offer, and it is very simple. We are the only company in the UK that can offer this service. You simply send your ink cartridge to us, and we will refill the ink cartridge with our Royal Mail Approved Ink the same day it arrives. Once it is refilled, Mailcoms will send the cartridge out to you the same day. This means that you keep your original ink cartridge whilst receiving our Royal Mail Approved Ink.

Saving You Money!

Mailcoms can save you money for your franking machine ink cartridges, and one example is the Frama Matrix F4 & F6 franking machines. An original ink cartridge will cost you £130.00 from Frama, whereas Mailcoms sell it for £119.95, saving you £10. Our compatible ink cartridge however will only cost you £49.95 saving you £80 and the ink will work in your machine. If you used our refill service, it will cost you £39.95, saving you £90. This shows that we can save your business a lot of money if you buy ink from Mailcoms.

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