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Cardboard Postal & Mailing Tubes

When packaging artwork, posters or any other type of item that needs to be neatly rolled is at the essence, then a postal tube is most likely the packaging solution you require. Sometimes just folding an item into a postal box or mailing bag is not the option as it causes more harm than good to the item. By making use of a postal tube you can ensure that items are securely protected and neatly delivered.

All of our cylinder postage tubes are made from a touch cardboard to ensure better protection during transit and they all adhere to Royal Mail’s PiP guidelines. As well as this, our postal tubes come with a plastic cap for security and they will keep all weather types at bay.

Postal mailing tubes is one packaging solution that is specifically designed to help protect items such as maps, artwork, blueprints & plans. If you can roll it, you can post it with a cardboard mailing tube. They are not restricted to these items however as other items can also be sent via a postal tube. Postal tubes are usually manufactured from strong cardboard and offer premium protection whilst keeping postage costs down.
Postal tubes are used for shipping, delivering & protecting a variety of rolled up items such as maps and posters during transit. This is not limited however as fishing rods, telescopes & golf clubs are other types of item that can be shipped with a postal tube.
Ensuring that important paper based products & items are securely & reliably delivered is vital. Postal tubes are the best protection against creases, rips and shock during transit as they are manufactured from strong cardboard, come with a tight plastic cap & are water resistant. By carefully choosing the correct postage tube you can ensure that your goods arrive in the exact condition in which you packed them.
Yes. As with a postal box, a postal tube can be sent via the Royal Mail. It is important to ensure you select the correct postage for it however, and Mailcoms have assisted here by providing the Royal Mail PiP size with all of our postal tube products. For posting postal tubes, the length of the item plus twice the diameter must be less than 104cm, with the greatest dimension less than 90cm.

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